Woman who vehemently opposes the death penalty pretty sure Donald Trump deserves to die of Covid

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A woman who has spent most of her adult life arguing strenuously against the barbaric idea of capital punishment has today made herself comfortable with the idea that Donald Trump deserves to die of Covid-19.

Sharon Williams, 42, who regularly shares posts and appeals from the Innocence Project, has today agreed with many people on social media that Donald Trump dying of Covid-19 wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen.

Williams, who claims the first season of the Serial podcast is the perfect example of why the death penalty should never be used, went as far as to suggest that if Covid-19 were to indeed kill the President of the United States, then he would have “probably deserved it”.

She went on, “I’m not saying I’d give him a lethal injection or anything, but if Covid-19 takes Donald Trump – especially given the way he’s downplayed it while so many innocent Americans have died from it – then there will be an element of divine justice about it, don’t you think?”

Williams went on to explain that believing Donald Trump deserves to die, while also believing that unrepentant multiple murderers do not deserve to die for their crimes, in no way makes her a hypocrite.

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She explained, “No, they’re very very different. Because on one hand, you have someone who literally killed people with their own hands, sometimes after raping them, sometimes even children – whereas on the other hand, Donald Trump represents everything that’s wrong with politics today, he’s misogynistic and cruel, he cosies up to racists and fascists, and he also doesn’t pay his taxes.

“See? They’re very different.”