Prime Minister vows to get tough on rule-breakers, unless it’s a family member or politician, obviously

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed this week to get tough on rule-breakers as further restrictions are announced across the country, unless it’s a close family member, politician or senior government advisor, obviously.

With pictures emerging yesterday of Boris Johnson’s father Stanley Johnson shopping without a face mask, the Prime Minister was quick to assure the public that such flagrant flouting of the laws surrounding coronavirus restrictions will not be tolerated, for normal people, who are not in his family, or government.

Speaking this morning he told us, “We need to get tough with people breaking the rules, if they are not in my family, or government, or right-leaning politics in general.

“The rules are very clear, as I pointed out yesterday with a clear and concise explanation of all of the current guidelines across the country with no mistakes whatsoever.

“And if people are not able to follow them, then they should definitely be fined. Well, apart from my dad that is, who should be let off completely because he said he was a bit confused with the rule, which has only been in place since July 24th.

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“To reiterate, once again. You must wear a mask whilst shopping if you are NOT in my family. You must stick to the rule of six, or nine if you are a politician at a dinner party. And you must not break local or national lockdown rules, unless you are Dominic Cummings.”

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