Wednesday 30 September 2020

Donald Trump the big winner in first Presidential debate after securing the lucrative ‘undecided white supremacist’ vote

Trump debate secured white supremacist vote

Donald Trump has emerged as the big winner from last night’s first presidential debate, after securing the highly sought-after ‘undecided white supremacist’ vote in a fiery encounter with Joe Biden.

President Trump, who is seeking to overcome a significant deficit in the polls before the November election, last night went some way to doing just that after he left no stone unturned in his attempts to reassure racists Americans that he ‘has their back’.

Part-time KKK member Chuck Williams told us, “I wasn’t sure if Trump was really the guy for us, given he says a lot that could sound like support, but only when he thinks no-one is paying attention.

“So I was absolutely delighted to hear him telling the Proud Boys to ‘stand by’ last night when asked to condemn racists by the debate moderator.

“It would have been really easy for him to say of course he condemns us, and move on, but instead he chose that huge platform to acknowledge people like me and to tell us to be ready and waiting for the race war we all covet.

“Sure, the Proud Boys are a bit like KKK-lite, but I know what he was actually saying.  And yes Mr President, I stand ready and waiting for your command to take back our country from the filth that has infiltrated every American street.

“So consider me 100% on the Trump train!”

Meanwhile, experts have agreed that after securing the lucrative undecided white supremacist vote, Trump could now be unstoppable in his efforts to secure a second term.

As one explained, “If there’s one thing America was unsure of, it’s just how much Trump really supported racists – well, that’s no longer in question.”

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