Tuesday 29 September 2020 by Lucas Wilde

Elderly perverts prepare for dick-measuring contest

Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

Two old perves are set to go at it tonight – but not in the way they might like.

Joe Biden and President Trump – who have both been accused of inappropriate conduct with women in the past – are set to ho head to head in the first Presidential debate of this election year.

“Hopefully there aren’t too many female staff around,” grimaced journalist, Hayley Rice.

“I’d hate to spend the whole evening trying to guess whether it’s a Republican or Democratic hand trying to get up my skirt.

“Anyway, good luck to everyone watching at home tonight – if you can understand more than four sentences from either of these candidates, and neither them gets their dick out, then we’ll have had a good night.”

Donald Trump commented, “My God…the ASS on that thing…

“Sorry, what was your question? Oh, the debate. Well, look, folks, sleepy Joe is sleepy Joe, but he has his moments, you know what I mean? I’m sure he’ll say one or two things…I’ll say one or two things…and at the end of the night…you’ll…you’ll have heard some things. Trust me.”

Joe Biden added “My, yes, peachy…

“Oh, forgive me. Yes, I’m prepared for a…uh…bracing evening of back and forth with…what’s his name, the president…TRUMP! Thank you, yes, very excited.”

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