Donald Trump fires accountant for letting him pay some tax

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President Trump has fired his accountant for not reducing his tax liability to zero.

Donald Trump responded to a report that he’d paid $750 in tax by immediately phoning his accountant.

“Are you trying to bankrupt me with this commie wealth redistribution crap?” he screamed.

“There’s no way I should have paid that much in tax! No way! Fake news! I should have paid nothing!

“Why weren’t all those white hooded robes written off as an expense? I wore them to important business meetings.

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“What do you mean you were trying to protect me? From letting the world know I’m a good American citizen who wants my country to be great again?

“You’re fired! Haha, I love saying that, reminds me of my great TV show. You’re fired! Yeah, I’m really powerful.

“And don’t think I’m paying you – I’m taking my huge tax bill off your fee. Loser!”

The President is confident November’s election result won’t be impacted by the revelations about his financial affairs.

“The American people will just see me as a winner,” he said. “There are bartenders who paid more tax than me. I won the tax competition. No doubt. I’m the best at tax.”

Trump’s accountant Chuck Williams said, “The strange thing is that the decade when he paid no income tax at all is actually correct.

“It was all the losses he made from the six billion MAGA caps he insisted on having made.”