Donald Trump hoping Conservative dominated Supreme Court could reopen debate around women’s right to choose not to have their pussy’s grabbed

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Donald Trump is hoping the opportunity to skew the Supreme Court in the favour of Conservatives could reopen the debate around a woman’s right to choose not to have her genitals grabbed by an elderly celebrity.

After insisting he will nominate a woman to the Supreme Court to replace the recently deceased Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Trump is intent on selecting a woman who believes women shouldn’t have unilateral control of their own pussy.

A White House spokesperson told us, “This is President Trump’s opportunity to change society for a generation, and he’s not about to waste it.

“It’s about time this country reopened the debate around pussy-grabbing, and another Conservative on the Supreme Court means we can do just that.

“This President has made no secret about his feelings on the grabbing of pussies, and if the issue were to appear before a Conservative court, then who knows what America’s position will be in the future?”

Meanwhile, owners of pussies across America have reacted with shock at the news.

Voter Sharon Williams told us, “He already grabs pussies entirely without consequence, so is this something that we really need the Supreme Court looking at?”