Joe Biden left in tears following harsh remarks by his political hero, Iain Duncan-Smith

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The pollster’s favourite to be the next person with the most powerful job in the world is said to be crestfallen after the legendary statesman and globally renowned political sage Iain Duncan-Smith criticised his comments on the Good Friday Agreement and Brexit.

Simone Williams, deputy campaign manager for Joe Biden’s Presidential run, told British reporters that her boss was capable of taking the worst the GOP had to throw at him but was gutted by the comments from a British politician that isn’t even that well known in his own constituency.

She went on, “I can’t tell how badly it hurt him. We have had the masters of electoral dirty tricks going at him nonstop for weeks now, but when he was attacked by a non-entity that looks like an infected toe, Joe just broke down.

“Your IDS is such an incisive wit. You can’t imagine what it feels to be told you are playing political games for electoral gain during an election.

“Also, as a man of Irish ancestry in a country with a huge and influential Irish diaspora, Joe is keen to listen to the advice of someone who looks like central casting was asked for a cruel British officer with a spanking fetish.”

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Ms Williams denied mocking the notion of a barely known tory minister thinking he could lecture someone that every decent being on the planet wants to see in the White House.

She added, “Of course we’re not kidding and we certainly didn’t have to google that idiot. Did you know IDS is the only Tory party leader to lose his job without even fighting a general election? He’s made history!”