Government to impose tough new 10pm pub curfew forcing drinkers to just go out a couple of hours earlier

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The government is set to introduce tough new measures this week in the northeast of England which could see a strict 10 pm curfew imposed on pubs and restaurants in the region, forcing drinkers, to have to head out a couple of hours earlier instead.

As infections continue to rise in the UK, millions of drinkers across the country at risk of catching the disease may now have to start drinking at least two hours earlier under new government guidelines to reduce the risk of infection.

Welcoming the news this morning, heavy drinker Simon Williams, from Newcastle told us, “They had to act I suppose, we canny go on like this, it’s not safe man.

“With all that coronavirus out there really late at night, we need to get people off the streets man and get them home by 10 pm before they can catch it.

“I normally go out with the lads about five or six o clock at weekend and stay out till around midnight, but now I’m gonna have to head out about three, instead, or maybe midday, just to be nice and safe like.

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“I’m glad we’ll be home before ten though as I usually get all huggy and kissy when I’m pissed or fancy a bit of a fight on the way home when it’s late, so I can get all that in around 9 pm now, before the virus starts coming out and infecting everyone.

“I just hope everyone takes it as seriously as me and gets out drinking as early as they can.”

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