Spitfire taking part in Battle of Britain flyover instinctively shoots at Nigel Farage out of habit

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A Spitfire taking part in the Battle of Britain flyover yesterday impulsively strafed the home of a right-wing ‘politician’ with fascist tendencies as it flew over Kent to mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, it has emerged.

The Spitfire, which flew over the southern counties to mark the eightieth anniversary of the defeat of a huge Luftwaffe attack by the RAF, was observed to suddenly dive and take aim at the Brexit Party leader’s home.

Pilot Simon Williams told us, “Everything was going smoothly, but as we were flying over west Kent the plane suddenly dipped its nose and the machine guns began firing at a house bedecked with Union flags and with a chauffeur-driven car outside.

“I panicked, as I thought I had lost control of the kite, but it turns out it was just taking a few potshots at the far-right again.

“Old habits die hard, I guess.”

No-one was injured in the attack, as Nigel Farage was in his shed at the bottom of his garden watching Dad’s Army at the time, struggling to ignore the feelings of cognitive dissonance that he suffers whenever he thinks about the RAF defeating an airforce commanded by someone who held similar political leanings to himself.