Dominic Cummings shortlisted for Booker Prize with fictional masterpiece ‘The Tory Election Manifesto 2019’

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Megamind lookalike Dominic Cummings has been shortlisted for the Booker Prize after judges declared his work ‘The Conservative Election Manifesto 2019’ a ‘supreme work of fiction’.

Judge Simon Williams, said, “Ordinarily, something so utterly fantastical wouldn’t even be considered, sitting as it does within the realms of fantasy rather than bog-standard literary fiction.

“But the author aims so high and with such aspiration that, in reality, not even a single sentence would ever be proved to be a truth. For that, in and of itself, he should be awarded both this Booker prize and The Nobel Prize for Literature.

“To be so brutal with the lies is a mammoth undertaking and truly thought-provoking, asking us, the reader, to question the true nature of reality, and one almost feels for the puppet protagonist as he can’t stop the accidental, yet entirely arranged ascent to power and the ultimate losing of it in its cataclysmic downfall; him becoming the perfect victim of the fascist dictatorship he himself creates.”

Chief Judge, Christopher James, declared it, “Better even than ‘Mein Kampf’.”

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The winner will be announced on 17th November, shortly after the jury-less trial and execution of the other shortlistees.