Man having BBQ for dozen friends this weekend just going to release a couple of grouse into his garden

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A man who had planned to hold a barbecue for a dozen friends this weekend will go ahead after managing to secure a couple of grouse to release into his garden.

As the government banned gatherings of more than six people, it has helpfully left open a loophole for anyone willing to kill a few birds while socialising.

Barbecue host Simon Williams told us, “Anyone who still wants to come this weekend will still be able to do so, as long as they are willing to throw something in the general direction of the grouse so we can still technically call this a ‘hunt’.

“Yes, I live in a terraced house, and my garden isn’t very big, but there is nothing in the rules about how much space is required for a grouse hunt.  I’ll just leave a few down the bottom of the garden by the shed and we’ll go about our business.

“I’ll give everyone a bag of stones or something, and they can throw one every now and again in the general direction of the birds in case anyone comes to check and doesn’t believe it’s a ‘real’ grouse hunt.

“We’re not going to dress up like twats though, all that tweed nonsense.  Again, there’s nothing in the rules that says you can hunt grouse in flip flops and cargo shorts.”

Meanwhile, executives at chicken restaurant Nando’s are exploring whether they can host parties of more than six if the guests agree to hunt and catch the chickens themselves first.