All testing issues ‘will be solved in a matter of weeks’ says Matt Hancock, back in April

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock has assured the nation today that the current testing issues faced by millions of people unable to be properly tested for coronavirus will be solved in a matter of weeks, just like he said in April, and May, and June.

As the testing crisis continues to worsen this week with many people unable to secure a test at all in some areas of the country affected by rising case numbers, Matt Hancock has told the public not to worry as everything will solved in a matter of weeks, from now, not April when he first said it.

Speaking earlier today he confirmed “Don’t worry guys we’re all over it.

“I can categorically say that the current shambolic testing system which is failing drastically as infections continue to rise will definitely be sorted out in a matter of weeks, from now though, from today, not when I first said I’d sort it out in a matter of weeks a matter of months ago.

“We have just been having a few teething problems with the whole process that’s all – since you know, February or March.

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“And now this new rise in infections has taken us completely by surprise after paying for millions of people to dine out all last month and opening up just about every single thing in the country again.

“We just didn’t see it coming, so I didn’t bother sorting out the whole testing thing again – but it’s not our fault.

“Rest assured, we will definitely get everything sorted this time, and any member of the public who has symptoms will be guaranteed a test immediately so we can urgently look to deal with the deadly virus, in a few weeks.”