Man criticising government over breaking international law surprisingly forgetful about time his government broke international law

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Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has weighed in this week in the on-going Brexit row by calling the behaviour of the current government embarrassing and ‘shameful’ for breaking international law, despite having shamefully broken international law himself with an apparent illegal war in Iraq.

As the fall out continues surrounding the governments proposed amendment to the EU Withdrawal Agreement, Tony Blair had urged the government not proceed with the move and actually break international law, just like he did back in the day.

Speaking earlier today, Blair told us, “The changes to this bill are shameful and illegal, and I would not condone such behaviour by anyone, well, apart from me, when I did it that one time when I accidentally invaded Iraq.

“To show such scant disregard for international law, and to behave in such a reckless and immoral way, is not acceptable under any circumstances, unless a sitting US President tells you to do something and you’re left with no choice but to do it.

“I would therefore urge the government to change its mind on this decision affecting millions of people, before they make a big mistake just like I did during an invasion that killed all those innocent Iraqis.”

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Asked to comment on claims in some quarters that he may have deliberately broken the law himself, he told us, “That’s complete bollocks, there were definitely weapons of mass destruction out there in Iraq – if you don’t believe me go and ask that George Bush guy. You can definitely trust him.”