‘I had my fingers crossed when I signed it’, clarifies Boris Johnson regarding Withdrawal Agreement

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has today confirmed that breaking the terms of the Withdrawl Agreement negotiated with the EU is perfectly OK because he had his fingers crossed when he signed it.

As the government continues to come under intense criticism for its plan to break the agreement and international law in the process in a ‘very specific and limited way’, Boris has sought to clarify this government’s position.

“We’re not breaking any laws, because the agreement is not enforceable due me having my fingers crossed behind my back while I signed.

“People in playgrounds across the country recognise this rule, and will know from their own experience that this means we can do what we like even if the other hand was writing a signature.

“If the EU didn’t ask me to have both of my hands on show while I signed the Withdrawl Agreement, is that really anyone’s fault but their own? I was merely doing what was best for me and my country and keep my options open.”

6-year-old Jake Williams came out in support the Prime Minister, telling us, “Everyone knows you can keep your fingers crossed when you make a promise and it doesn’t count.

“After the last incident I promised my mum and dad, but with my fingers crossed, that I wouldn’t throw rocks and next doors cat, and I hit it with two yesterday. Bullseye!”

Meanwhile, former prime minister Theresa May has told sources, “This is all moot anyway, I had my fingers crossed when I signed the letter triggering Article 50.  So technically, we’re still in the EU.

“I might wait another few weeks until I tell him.”

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