Man who was planning to have six friends over for BBQ changes venue to much safer rush hour Tube train

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A man who had planned a lovely BBQ for himself and six mates has had to change the venue following new lockdown rules from the government.

It was announced yesterday that groups of more than six people would not be allowed to meet socially in England, even if they are from the same household, forcing one man, Simon Williams, to amend his BBQ plans.

“This new ban applies to indoor and outdoor social gatherings, so I thought that was it for my plan for a BBQ next Wednesday evening,” he told us.

“But then I discovered that people were free to cram onto the underground at rush hour in unlimited numbers, so I just texted the lads and told them to meet me next Wednesday morning in the fourth carriage from the front on the Bakerloo line.

“Steve will bring the sausages, Dave will bring the booze, and I’ll be there ready with my charcoal BBQ, it’ll be great; I can’t foresee any problems with any part of this plan, and clearly neither can the government.”

He added, “I’m just going where they are saying it is safest for us to be, as I’m keen to follow the latest guidance to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.”

Government spokesperson Christopher James told press this morning, “Boris Johnson will give further details about the new restrictions later today, and he will be able to clarify any confusion then.

“He’s personally gutted at having to do this, as he was planning to see all his children one day next week, as he always does – he’s a great Dad – but sadly he’s had to postpone this now as there are too many of them.”