US Police announce plan to eradicate racism by killing all the black people

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The US police have announced a bold new initiative to eradicate racism in America by killing all the black people.

“We are very aware that the police, as an institution, has become infected with the poison of racism. We need to find a way put a halt to this,” said Police Chief Simon Williams.

“It has been suggested that we simply stop being racist. But, I think most people would agree that’s pretty difficult, so we’re instituting a much more radical, innovative solution.

“We’re going to kill all the black people.”

Chief Williams explained that trials for the new plan had already occurred across the country.

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“The limited trials we’ve performed show that this plan can work. If there is a black man, just standing there, then a police officer is going to be racist towards him. However, if you kill that black man, then he won’t be standing there, so the officer will not be able to be racist towards him.

“It just works.”

He accepted that the black community would have to make some sacrifices.

“Yes, I recognise that being systematically murdered to extinction is going to prove trying for black people, but I think that they’ll understand that their total elimination will be worth it for a racism-free police force.

The real burden, however, falls on the police to carry out the plan.

“It is going to be difficult, I think we all know that,” continued Chief Williams.

“But I have faith. After all, if there’s any organisation in the world today capable of killing all the black people, it’s the US Police Force.”