People being sent so far for Covid-19 tests, they have to quarantine for 14 days upon return

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It has been revealed that UK citizens are having to travel so far for coronavirus tests, they are having to quarantine upon their return.

Prioritising testing in high-risk areas has led to shortages in other places, leading to some people with symptoms being asked to drive hundreds of miles for a swab.

Coughee Simon Williams, said, “I had a bit of a temperature and started coughing, so I thought I’d go get tested as I definitely want the kids back in school as I can’t take any more Roblox music in the background of my life.

“So I looked up my nearest testing centre: Prague, and we all packed everything up and drove straight there, not even stopping at a service station.

“Unfortunately, it turns out Prague has recently been added to the UK quarantine list.

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“So now we’re back, completely free of Covid-19 it turns out, thanks to the test results, but also having to isolate for 14 days solely because we went so far to the testing centre.

“So now I’ve got to listen to high-energy AdoptMe trades for another two weeks.

“Once this isolation is over, I’m going to need a holiday.

“Portugal looks nice.”