Decision regarding delay in next year’s exams to be delayed until next year’s exams, confirms government

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The government has confirmed today that the decision regarding a delay in next year’s exams for millions of GSCE and A-level students is to be delayed until just before next year’s exams.

With millions of students returning to full-time education this week for the first time since March, education secretary Gavin Williamson, who has faced urgent calls for clarification over exam timetables next year moved to reassure teachers that a decision will now be made, probably next year.

Speaking earlier today he told us, “We can categorically confirm that there will indeed be a delay, until next year’s exams when we will look to provide teachers and students with urgent clarification surrounding the timing of exams with potentially days to spare.

“In line with my traditional approach around such life-changing issues affecting millions of students, I will, of course, provide little or no guidance to deal with the matter, and then look to shift the blame entirely closer to the time, providing I’m still in a job by then, obviously.

“Whilst the news may be disappointing for some people looking for a more urgent decision on the matter, they can take comfort in the fact that there will not be another humiliating u- turn, I don’t think. Probably.”

Headteacher Simon Williams welcomed the news this morning, “Well this is great. Now we can begin planning for exams which we don’t know will even happen, at a future time yet to be decided, nd with a continued lack of funding and recourses with which to prepare.

“I love this guy.”