Man drives all the way to the shop without his mask again

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A local man has made it all the way to his local supermarket only to realise he’s forgotten to bring a mask. Again.

Simon Williams, who is generally supportive of the mask restrictions in certain public places, was last seen banging his head against the steering wheel in his local Tesco supermarket car park.

“Fucking bloody fucking stupid thing!” Williams told us, whilst pressing the horn of his car with his face.

He went on, “You’d think driving all the way here and forgetting my mask would be enough for me to learn to never do it again, wouldn’t you?  Well, it wasn’t. Clearly.  This is the third time, and something tells me it’s not going to be the last.

“It’s almost enough to make me want to become one of those Covidiots and to wander around the supermarket without a mask while moaning on about personal freedoms and big pharma conspiracies.

“But, alas, I’m not a twat, so I guess I’ll just drive home like the oblivious moron that I am and get the mask from the kitchen counter where my wife Sarah left it for me, then I’ll come back again to do the shopping.

“Sarah is going to go mad, she told me last time I did this to try harder not to be an idiot.”

His wife Sarah told us, “Yes. He is definitely an idiot. A loveable one, but an idiot nonetheless.

“After last time I put a couple of spare masks in the glove box.  He definitely won’t think to look there though, and I expect we’ll be seeing him again through the front door in about 20 minutes.”