Critics of Strictly Come Dancing’s first same-sex pairing advised to say it to Nicola Adams’ face

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Anyone who has a problem with a same-sex pairing on the upcoming series of Strictly have been told they should say it to Nicola Adam’s face if they think they’re hard enough, it has emerged.

Strictly Come Dancing announced its first-ever same-sex pairing between the Olympic gold medalist boxer and one of the female dancers from the show, prompting a lamentably predictable reaction from those who are concerned that two women dancing may lead to the downfall of society.

Show producer Christopher James told the press, “We’re delighted to have our first same-sex pairing in this forthcoming series, and to be honest, can’t quite see why there is such opposition to it, on what is essentially the campest show on television.

“I’m sure if those who feel uncomfortable about it say it to Nicola’s face then she’ll soon, er, convince them to see her point of view. Or failing that, a close up of the concrete.”

Simpleton Simon Williams saw the news as he perused the BBC website for something to make him angry as he ate his traditional fry-up this morning.

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“It’s not right!” he spluttered.

“Two women? Dancing together? It’s just not, you know, natural. What next, two men dancing? Are we going to have to see them kissing as well, eh? Urgh. Where does it end?”

He went on, “This sort of thing is why we need to defund the woke, left-wing BBC and refuse to pay the license fee, which I imagine is compulsory, as is watching the show.

“It’s put my right off the lesbian porn I was going to masturbate to later, I can tell you.”