Right-wing comedians suddenly big fans of positive discrimination

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After news that the BBC is considering broadcasting less ‘left-wing’ comedy, right-wing comedians have suddenly agreed that positive discrimination is a very good thing indeed.

Simon Williams has had some success on the stand-up circuit, and has a bit of a cult following on social media, particularly amongst the lads you went to school with who now all own their own block-paving companies.

He told us, “I have some great material about asylum seekers and how they pretend France is a really scary place to justify coming here in boats, but none of the BBC shows were interested in turning it into a sketch.

“I don’t know what their problem is, it’s always gone down a storm in the Working Men’s clubs.”

However, Williams said he delighted to learn the doors the BBC could soon be open to him, and people like him.

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He went on, “It’s obviously really good that the BBC are now being told to use more material from a previously under-represented group like mine, even if it means someone else better qualified might not get the job.

“I think it’s probably accurate to say that my previous views on positive discrimination – in which I labelled it an anti-competitive measure designed to promote below par workers that will inevitably lead to a national lowering of standards – were probably a bit wrong.

“I’m not saying that being told to employ more people like me will save the BBC, but if I can earn a few quid along the way, then great!”