Melania Trump channels husband in overhaul of White House rose garden by removing all flowers of colour

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There has been a public backlash after Melania Trump, presumably under the instruction of her Klan-endorsed husband, introduced an element white supremacism in her renovation of the White House rose garden.

The overhaul of the famous green space between the West Wing and the Oval Office was unveiled over the weekend, with many quick to point out the glaring absence of floral diversity.

“It used to be a real mix of colours,” observed White House aide Chuck Williams, sadly.

“But I suppose it was inevitable under Donald and Melania Trump that one day all the flowers of colour would be removed and given their own little flower bed out sight round the back near the dustbins, with ongoing prominence being given only to the white ones.”

Friend of the couple and former KKK leader David Duke defended the overhaul, saying, “How typical of the media to draw a comparison between the rose garden having only white flowers and Donald Trump’s loyal support for white supremacist groups like mine.

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“At the end of the day, the Trumps believe that ALL flower lives matter, it’s the just white ones matter a little bit more and that’s why they are the ones on display.”