Q endorses Donald Trump after being namechecked as a ‘great patriot’

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Capricious alien entity Q has cheerfully accepted praise from President Trump and returned the favour, according to reports from the Delta Quadrant.

Q, who heard that President Trump described him in a speech as a ‘Great patriot’, acknowledged the praise as his due – responding that only a being of great cleverness and insight could recognise his brilliance.

”I’m pleased humans have started accepting everything I say and do without question, unlike that argumentative idiot Picard,” the extradimensional prankster said.

”You don’t want to put anyone like him in charge, he asks too many questions.

”Your leader clearly sees the world as I wish it, rather than the boring real one so many of your race cling to.”

Q has no other name so is anonymous, and treats observable reality as completely optional, changing it on a whim.

Moreover, human morality is a game to Q, to be tested and broken for the sake of immediate entertainment at the expense of the gullible, before he vanishes off to a secret dimension where there are no personal consequences to his actions.

“From that description, they are obviously talking about me,” Q told us.

”Who else could it be?”