Cancel culture is a cancer, insist Republicans calling on everyone to ditch Goodyear tyres

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Cancel culture is a cancer on society and needs to stop so people can be free to say what they like, according to Trump supporters calling for everyone to boycott Goodyear tyres this morning.

Donald Trump has called on his supporters to ditch Goodyear tyres, because they have banned all political clothing in the workplace, which Trump has decided is an attack on him personally.

Political analyst Simon Williams told us, “It’s well-known right-wing trope that ‘cancel culture is terrible’, when what they actually mean is that ‘facing consequences for the things I say and do is terrible’.

“You can tell their problem isn’t with cancel culture per se, and rather the things being said, because they’re all very quick to jump on a bandwagon when anyone says anything negative about Donald Trump.  Freedom of speech goes out of the window if it’s used to be anything other than entirely effusive about the orange toddler-in-chief.

“Goodyear tyres is the latest to fall victim of Trump’s cancel culture, but there will definitely be others, obviously.”

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White House spokesperson Chuck Matthis told us, “There is nothing hypocritical about an administration that hates the cancel culture promoted by the radical left, but also calls on people to boycott the products of brands that say and do things we don’t like.

“We are 100% in support of free speech. The American people should feel completely free to express their opinions on how great a job Donald Trump is doing and how the nation needs him to get a second term in November.

“But anything other than 100% praise for the Dear Leader is unpatriotic and will be rightly classified as treason.”

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