New Plandemic video actually just a secret plot to identify nation’s gullible simpletons

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A newly released ‘Plandemic’ conspiracy video about the coronavirus and vaccine industry is actually nothing more than a secret plot to identify the nation’s idiots.

Following the success of the original Plandemic conspiracy video in getting gullible simpletons to out themselves on social media, a new video has been released in the hopes a secret cabal will be able to identify the remaining few online imbeciles.

Sociologist Simon Williams told us, “The ‘Plandemic’ videos are a masterclass in luring in people who lack critical thinking skills, so it’s an excellent test of whether people should be relied upon to make rational decisions in other parts of their lives.

“As the makers of Plandemic have found, if you don’t have to tell the truth you can be really persuasive – well, to idiots, at least.  Anyone of average intelligence would want some proper evidence, rather than just the word of a discredited former medical researcher.

“The fact that the video has been so widely discredited, by numerous fact-checkers, and that so many of the claims have been shown to be total fabrications and still people believe it, is perhaps the biggest sign that our society is doomed. So why not take advantage and use to it identity society’s morons?

“Stupid people will apparently believe anything if you give them the opportunity to think they’re ‘in on the secret’.

“Look in your own social feeds, it’s almost always shared by those people you knew from school with poor GCSEs and who used to eat chalk.  It’s never shared by the kid who went to university to study the sciences.

“Even now, as I’m stood here before you, telling these people that they are identifying themselves as low-information simpletons, they keep on doing it.  Look at the comments below this article.

“Idiots, as far as the eye can see…”