Woman distraught as Facebook ‘suggested post’ is Asda advert

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A woman has been left angry and upset after coming across a ‘suggested post’ of an advert for Asda whilst scrolling through her Facebook feed.

Eleanor Gay, a busy mum from Chipping Norton, has shopped at Waitrose since birth and once went twelve miles out of her way to avoid a Morrisons.

She is at a loss as to why Facebook might think she would be interested in going to Asda.

“Look, I’m aware of Asda, of course I am,” said a tearful Ms Gay.

“But, I can’t, for the life of me, conceive of why Facebook would think I would want to visit one of their shops.

“They’re for people who drink own-brand cola. The only soft drink we have in the house is an Elderflower cordial from the local farm shop, and that’s just as a Saturday evening treat for Jemima.

“I post pictures of my home-made hummus, I’ve liked the National Trust page, my last five status updates were about what I’m watching on BBC 4.  This is beginning to feel like bullying.”

Ms Gay has demanded Facebook reveal why their supposedly intelligent algorithm suggested the Asda advert to her.

She went on, “I think Facebook owes me an explanation, and I’m going to get one. This has been an incredibly upsetting experience and one I am not keen to repeat.”

Facebook swung into action immediately, with a spokesperson telling us – “Thanks for your feedback, it is very important to us and will go towards all future Facebook improvements.”