English Channel full of desperate Brits seeking refuge from brutal quarantine regime

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Reports are emerging that the English Channel is absolutely full of desperate Brits trying to reach our shores in order to keep themselves and their families out of the grip of the UK’s brutal quarantine regime.

As flotillas of small boats continue crossing the channel, bringing more and more desperate souls to our beaches, many who have made the perilous journey have explained it was their last and only hope.

Simon William and his family of five, who had been camping in the Dordogne, told us, “People will say ‘why didn’t you just come back here legally, and the answer is there were no legal options available. Every ferry and train was booked until after the quarantine came in – and that’s simply no way to live.

“Like any responsible father, I had to do what was necessary for the good of my children.

“What was I supposed to do? Have me and my family be subject to an oppressive quarantine regime, or pay off a people trafficker and jump in a small boat and do everything within my powers to get us to the UK shores and freedom?

“Let me assure you, the decision was an absolute no brainer.”

Meanwhile, Nigel Farage has once again taken to the seas today, shouting at migrants that they must now quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the UK.

He said, “I know I’m not usually one for following the coronavirus rules, but it’s important that Johnny Foreigner does as he’s told.

“Yes, this is very different to me going to America to make a speech to an empty room then failing to quarantine on my arrival home.”