Saturday 8 August 2020 by Arabin Patson

Brexiters angrily demand the French take control of our borders

Brexiters demand the French take control of our borders

The arrival by boat of migrants on our shore has made Leave-supporting Ministers, pundits and members of the public adamant that for the UK to be fully sovereign and in control of its frontiers, then the French have to step up and decide who can come here.

Home Secretary and part-time demonic succubus, Priti Patel, issued a series of Tweets explaining that a foreign government should take control in order for the UK to be free of the shackles of treaties with foreign governments.

An idea later explained by her media strategist Simon Williams.

He explained “We will no longer be Brussel’s puppet on immigration. We have taken full control of our destiny and that’s why we want French police to decide who gets to board a boat for Britain, French immigration officials to ascertain who has the right to enter the UK, and the French Navy to decide who can sail into British territorial waters.

“The people gave a clear signal that they have had enough of Johnny Eurocrat deciding who we can welcome or turn away. And now they have seen what happens when French officials are not bound by treaties to assist us, they demand something be done. By someone else.

“And what they certainly don’t want is snooty remainers pointing out that they had warned this would happen.”

In turn, the French government has said it would consider the offer to be the main authority on entry and exits to the UK.

However, it explained that many French voters would be reluctant to spend their money sorting out the self-inflicted problems of the UK and that being given sovereignty over British borders was like “getting offered a blow job by someone with weeping cold sores.”

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