White House aides hoping Trump never has to pronounce ‘Niger’ on live TV

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After pronouncing Thailand as ‘Thighland’ on TV yesterday, White House aides are hoping and praying that Donald Trump never has cause to talk about the African country Niger.

“He’s definitely getting worse every day,” confirmed aide Chuck Williams, beads of sweat pouring down his forehead.

“He typed ‘Frorida’ on Twitter the other day, and it was ‘Thighland’ yesterday, which sounds more like a theme park for gropy old men run by Ghislaine Maxwell than an East Asian country.”

He continued, “So we’ve hidden the news feeds relating to the African continent as best we can, because, well, it’s a minefield. As it were.

“Of course, the most worrying thing about yesterday’s TV appearance was that he might have tried to pronounce ‘Phuket’, which would have been disastrous.

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“Still, there might be some positives from his inability to speak properly – I can’t wait to hear the global derision for him when he publicly pledges to support the en-raa and the second amen-ment as part of his re-election campaign.”