Local radio DJs already running short of hot weather songs

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Local radio DJs say their heatwave playlists are already reaching crisis point.

As the heatwave affecting England is set to continue until next week, the number of songs with mention of sun or summer in the chorus is already running dangerously low.

Terry Oakley, drive-time DJ for Smashtastic FM told us, “To be honest I don’t usually bother with playlists. Normally I just get Now 48 or my 80’s Mega Hits compilation and leave it on a loop until lunchtime.

“These seasonal events are always a nightmare for us to manage.

“I hit them with Summer in the City, Cruel Summer by Bananarama and that one by Will Smith.

California Dreamin’ was a good idea but it completely bummed everybody out. Mr Blue Sky was our fall back position but we used it before the first traffic report this morning. That was a mistake, with hindsight – where do you go from there?

“Normally DJs like me will repeat stuff until your ears bleed but for some reason, you can’t do that with weather-related songs, as people tend to get a bit angry in the heat. Who knew?”

Musicologist Paul Hughes had this to say, “Like Christmas songs, hot weather songs haven’t had many new additions for the last twenty years. Mainly because heatwaves are rare and unpleasant, whereas Christmas is only unpleasant.

“Maybe when people are stuck in a traffic jam in thirty-five-degree heat, they don’t want to be reminded of that fact every single time they turn on the radio?”