BBC issues apology for Dan Walker screaming ‘We’re all going to f**king die’ during Covid interview

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The BBC has issued a formal apology after BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker screamed ‘we’re all going to f**king die’ into the camera midway through an interview with Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty about Covid-19.

The interview took place in late May. Midway through Doctor Whitty’s response to a question about a prospective vaccine, Walker let out a strangulated cry.

“Are you alright?” asked the physician.

“Alright? ALRIGHT? Al-f**king-right?” Screamed the boyishly handsome housewives’ favourite.

“Course I’m not f**king alright,” he then ran towards the camera and screamed “we’re all going to f**king die. It’s the f**king end times. Judgement Day is upon us.

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“We’ve brought upon us the plague foretold in the Bible and we have no-one to blame but ourselves! Gaargh!

He then dropped to his knees, tore at his shirt and shouted “Do not forsake me, Lord. Not me, not your Dan. Take these other bastards, but not me. Minchin plays golf on Sundays while I’m in church. Damn her unrepentent soul for all of eternity. But spare your faithful Dan from this terrible pestilence.”

At this point, the screen cut to black and Walker could be heard shouting “get away from me you Godless shits”, before the programme cut to a pre-recorded segment about old people in a market town having opinions.

The BBC initially attempted to excuse Walkers actions and comments by claiming that, technically, he is correct and we are all going to die at some point. However, this argument was dismissed and the BBC has now formally apologised.