New podcast ‘Comedians Remember Things’ features comedians remembering things

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A new podcast called ‘Comedians Remember Things’ has been announced that will feature a variety of different comedians remembering something then remembering something else.

“This is a really exciting project,” said podcast host Simon Williams, a comedian who was once nearly on Mock the Week.

“I came up with the idea when I was zooming with this other comedian and I went ‘remember tamagotchis?’ and he went ‘yeah, they were mad,’ and he laughed, then he went ‘remember Toast Toppers?’ and I went ‘yeah, they were mad,’ and I laughed.

“We both just sort of stopped and looked at each other. This was gold. Normal people would love to hear comedians remembering things. We should start a podcast.”

The first episode will feature Williams and someone you’ve vaguely heard of but can’t quite place.

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He went on, “Yeah, it’s going to be really good. We’re going to remember the Tomytronic 3D games, Roland Rat, and Quantum Leap, then I’m going to remember a time at school when I did something funny in class and everyone went  – ‘God, Simon, you’re really funny, I bet you grow up to do comedy while the rest of us all just get jobs in computers’.

“Which I did, of course.”

‘Comedians Remember Things’ will be available from next week and is expected to last three, or perhaps even four episodes, before it comes apparent that absolutely no-one is remotely interested and Williams is left with just over two hundred ‘Remember Furbies’ mugs stuck in his mum’s shed.