Kirstie Allsopp berates homeworker for letting nation down while showing viewers around their house

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Kirstie Allsopp has interrupted a tour of a house to yell at the owner for working from home and ultimately driving the economy into the toilet.

Ms Allsopp, who has a job which is similar to an estate agent but offers even less of an economic or practical benefit to society, was showing a young couple around a house in Wokingham for the new series of Location, Location, Location when the incident occurred.

Homeowner Simon Williams explained, “I was working hard in my home office during the visit – I’ve been so productive working from home during this pandemic and I didn’t want to stop just because they were filming – when suddenly Kirstie stuck her head around the door and just started yelling at me.

“She began screeching something about me needing to ‘prove my worth’ to my employer and my job being able to be done from elsewhere in the world if I can work online from home.

“It was quite bizarre, and the couple viewing my house looked frankly terrified.

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“Though it was quite funny when one of them told Kirstie that this was all a bit much and they’d actually be much happier looking at online viewings from the comfort of their sofa at home.

“It was at this point Kirstie called them traitors.”

While this isn’t the first time Kirstie Allsopp has drawn criticism online for her comments, employment experts have praised her for managing to hold down a career which has effectively been unnecessary since the launch of Rightmove.