Compulsory gas masks a breach of human rights, insists Lord Haw-Haw

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Well-known wireless contrarian Lord Haw-Haw made a compelling case for compulsory gas masks being a breach of his human rights on his broadcast to Britain last night.

Haw-haw, who operates his own show on independent media, gave a stirring speech on how freedom-loving Britons didn’t need to fear for their health from gas, and should go about face-bared to show they won’t do what ignorant so-called ‘experts’ and ARP wardens say.

“I don’t trust what it says on the BBC with their agenda, whilst Haw-Haw has done loads of his own research and can highlight their lies,” said thoughtful and well-informed man in the street Simon Williams.

“When they say I should carry a gas mask at all times for my own protection just because gas is invisible and an attack might come at any time, that’s just a part of it.

“The BBC also insists we’re stronger as a member of the allies, when clearly it’s in our interest to vote to be an independent country and make our own destiny.”

In his broadcast later today, Haw-Haw is expected to announce he will be organising a rally for freedom-loving Britons to get out and about without their gas masks to show how they won’t be told what to do.

“You will know it’s time to come out and protest as you will hear some sirens, which is the government telling you to stay indoors. Don’t be fooled like ze sheeple!

“It vill be about half-past eleven tonight in ze middle of ze street. No, not there. Left a bit. Left a bit more. There. Just right. Now, stand still.”