Thursday 30 July 2020

Man who described face-masks as ‘a dangerous attack on civil liberties’ surprisingly comfortable with cancelled elections

man who didn't like face masks happy to see elections cancelled

A man who has described the requirement to wear a face mask when out shopping as a ‘dangerous attack on our civil liberties’ is today perfectly comfortable with Donald Trump attempting to cancel this year’s democratic presidential election.

After Donald Trump called for a postponement of November’s election, Trump supporter Chuck Williams insisted it makes perfect sense for the general public to lose their chance to have a democratic say on the leadership of the nation, given the risks associated with Donald Trump not winning the vote.

Williams told us, “I am delighted to hear our dear leader call for an end to this year’s elections, it’s about time someone stood up to show the world what the greatest democracy on earth is truly capable of.

“Finally, we have some good news! I’ve spent the last three weeks loudly explaining to anyone who’ll listen that the repeated demands to wear a face mask while out shopping is the thin edge of the wedge from a deep state desperate to take away our God-given freedoms – this is a democracy, no-one can make you do anything!

“So obviously I’m pleased to see Donald Trump fighting back against these do-gooder liberal elites by taking away our democratic elections.  These people clearly can’t be trusted to vote the right way.

“If it was up to me, I’d give Donald Trump the job forever and do away with democratic elections altogether.  That way, I bet we would never have to wear a mask.”

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