‘Man, even I wouldn’t try to cancel an election’, Kim Jong-un tells Donald Trump

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Donald Trump’s attempts to cancel the November presidential elections have been criticised as ‘totally undemocratic’ by the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

Jong-Un told state media that cancelling a democratic election would be the move of a totalitarian dictator, not the so-called leader of the free world.

Jong-un explained, “Look at our record here in North Korea, elections every four or five years, where the people get the chance to tell me how great a job I’m doing.  We would never dream and cancelling them.

“What sort of despot calls for elections to be cancelled? Is the United States becoming a banana republic?

“I will be under pressure to downgrade our friendship after this – I can’t have the eyes of the world on me and everything thinking I am comfortable spending time with people who hate democracy.

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“It might even be that we need to start applying economic sanctions on the United States – though I really don’t like to kick a nation when it’s down.”

US government officials have meanwhile insisted that simply cancelling an election is perfectly normal in a functioning democracy, and the voters will have the opportunity to say how great they think Donald Trump is just as soon as the economy has recovered, sometime in the next few years.

Meanwhile, sources inside the White House have told us that President Trump has asked a number of his advisors to float the idea of renaming the United States the Democratic People’s Republic of America, with his official title becoming ‘Supreme Leader’.

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