Donald Trump continues pledge to rid America of Barack Obama’s influence by taking US economy back to pre-Obama levels

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As the United States recorded it’s worst quarterly economic performance since the Second World War, Donald Trump has hailed his administration for getting the economy back to a place that looks like Barack Obama’s eight years in charge never even happened.

With the economy shrinking at an annualised rate of 32%, and with no recovery within sight, experts predict the economy could be back to 2008 levels by the end of the summer.

White House spokesperson Chuck Williams told us, “When Donald Trump ran for office, he did so making clear he would do everything he could to undo the harmful policies brought in by his predecessor, Barack Obama – and here he is keeping his promise, by getting rid of all the economic growth that Obama brought to this country.

“As everyone knows, Liberal economic growth isn’t real economic growth, which is why now is the perfect time to reset the clock, got back to the sort of economic performance that was acceptable in 2008, and restart the economy from there.

“In a few years time, you will all forget Barack Obama even existed, and his eight years of prolonged and sustained economic growth with be nothing but a long-forgotten nightmare.”

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