Government to tackle obesity in UK by giving nation 50% off at Pizza Hut throughout August

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The government has today confirmed its commitment to tackling obesity in the UK, by reminding us that there is 50% off, Pizza Hut and Burger King throughout August.

With obesity levels still on the rise in the UK, a range of measures are planned to try to address the issue such as a ban on junk food advertising and ‘buy one get one free’ deals, along with the UK government giving all diners a ‘buy one get one free’ deal for the whole of August if they choose to eat their burger or Pizza while ‘out’.

A spokesman for the government told us, “It’s clear that we need to address the obesity problems in the UK as a matter of urgency.

“That’s why we are encouraging as many people as possible to go out and stuff their faces as many times as they can throughout the whole month of August, and we will pay half their bill.

“Obviously we want people to eat responsibly, that’s why there is no limit to the number of times you can go and get yourself a large deep pan pizza or a Double Whopper with cheese, and it includes all the favourites amongst our obese population.

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“If you have a look on the government website, we’re pretty sure you’ll find a restaurant within walking distance that will be happy to feed you some artery-clogging delights to speed your way to an early grave, half of which is on us.

“So to reiterate, we need to address this obesity issue head-on and look start living a healthier more active life, but let’s start doing that after August.”

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