Prince Andrew bemoans standard of Beatrice’s wedding reception after discovering every guest over 18

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Prince Andrew has confided in close friends that he was disappointed at the quality of his daughter’s wedding reception due to every guest being at least eighteen years of age.

After his 31-year-old daughter married at the weekend, Andrew was conspicuous in his absence from the photos released by the happy couple, but this mainly because he went home disappointed and early.

A palace source told us, “He covered himself head to toe in antiperspirant on the off chance he might see a cute slightly-under-age girl who might want to dance with him, but alas there were none available.

“There were plenty of women in their early thirties, given his daughter’s social circle is made up of people of this age, but they were all a bit too old and worldly-wise.

“It’s at times like this he really misses his old pal Jeffrey.”

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