Teenager who fled to join the forces of Khorne the Blood God wins legal battle to return to the Imperium

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A 15-year-old who ran away to join a Chaos cult has won her legal battle to return home and serve the Emperor, we can report.

The girl, who was caught on camera entering the Eye of Terror in M41.015, fled her family home to join the genocidal death cult in the belief that the forces of Khorne were being unfairly persecuted – only to discover that she had been mislead by the lies of Angron.

“I thought it would all be frolicking in Slaaneshi abandon, but it turned out that engaging with the forces of the archenemy is much darker,” she said in an interview with the Daily Emperorgraph.

“The forces of Khorne were actually quite horrid and didn’t offer the freedom that I’d hoped for. It was all skulls this and skulls that and after a while I began to wonder if they might be the baddies after all.”

Whilst seeking permission to return to the Empire the girl took lived in a refugee camp in Comorragh, which she said was ‘not much better’.

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The Inquisition opposed her fight to return to the Imperium, pointing out that Kharn the Betrayer’s name was a dead giveaway in the first place.

“Nobody can say they don’t know what the World Eaters are like, just from looking at reports on the Imperial net,” said inquisitor Simon Williams.

“They put bolts in your skull and behead people. It’s not like they make any secret about it.

“I appreciate that can seem exciting and romantic when you’re young, but the reality is if you want short-lived excitement the Imperial Guard is for you.”