Sympathy for victims of grooming stops if the child is brown, confirm racists

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Shamima Begum is undeserving of your sympathy, according to racists this afternoon.

Begum, now 20, was groomed as a 15-year-old girl and persuaded to travel to Syria before marrying a Dutch ISIS fighter. Nothing in that sentence ISN’T grooming.

“Yeah, I get that,” lied Simon Williams, who usually is more than happy to share his concerns about child grooming, usually via posts accompanied with captions such as “send em back”.

“Thing is though, right, thing is…she wasn’t REALLY a child, was she? I mean fifteen…y’know… that’s basically an adult.

“Plus y’know…she LOOKS dodgy, doesn’t she? You know what I mean? Yeah you do…come on.

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“We can’t let her back in. End of.”

Human, Hayley Rice, said “Err…OK.

“I’m not sure why sexually and psychologically abused British white girls are ‘victims’ but sexually and psychologically abused British girls of Bangladeshi descent somehow ‘are not’.

“…I mean the obvious conclusion would be that Simon is a bit of a racist, but I’d hate to be rude.

“Shamima Begum has been groomed to join a terrorist organisation, marry a man at the age of 15 and then gave birth to several children, all of which have died.

“That’s more or less a textbook definition of grooming, which these people are usually really quite concerned about.

“If a white girl had been through all that before the age of 20 then I’m pretty sure we’d be looking at universal sympathy.

“But she’s a Bangladeshi-British girl with a headscarf on. So ‘sod her’ seems to be the consensus, which is wrong.”