‘Cancel culture is killing free speech’, says highly-paid nationally syndicated columnist in YouTube video widely shared on social media

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The controversial provocateur and muse for prosthetic testicle manufacturers, Toby Young, has used several free media distribution platforms to decry the increasing PC dogma that constantly attacks the growing horde of people making money by saying you can’t say anything these days.

He explained, “We are living in dark times when any person can be silenced on any of the dozens of completely free social media platforms with a global reach.

“If you so much as hint you want to exterminate Muslims, promote sex with minors, encourage people to join Hamas or post information that could collapse an ongoing trial, then you could be removed from that platform within months, after barely four or five warnings.

“The always-unidentified woke commissars are relentless in their efforts to silence me, mainly by using the same platforms as I do to publicly disagree with me, and if that’s not censorship then I don’t know what is.”

Mr Young pointed out that he himself was famously the victim of the twitter mob in 2018 when he was forced to resign from the board of the newly created Office for students after ‘woke commissars’ pointed out his complete lack of academic or professional experience.

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He went on, “Orwell warned us that one day we would live in a society where decent chaps who regularly get invited to opine on current affairs by the BBC can’t even make one highly public joke about anally raping their pregnant colleague without being denied highly paid government sinecures.

“We are becoming like North Korea. All I want is to be able to foster intellectual debate without fear of being disagreed with.

“So which female MP do you think has the nicest tits?”

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