New points-based migration system might still let foreigners in, warns Brexiter

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A points-based migration system could still allow some of those funny looking brown ones in, according to some Brexit supporters this morning.

Simon Williams, 58, explained that a migration system based on points would only encourage foreigners to gain the qualifications and develop the skills we need in our economy, just so that they can come here and exploit us.

He told us, “I didn’t vote to leave the EU so we could let in any Tom, Dick or Sanjeev with a degree and the relevant and necessary experience that we desperately need.

“Anyway, any system that allows you in if you get enough points is open to abuse by foreigners who will sneakily educate themselves and develop the requisite skills to ensure they get enough points – we’ll be seen as a global soft touch!

“If you ask me, going to university and working for years to develop relevant experience in a field which Britain desperately needs, is no different from hiding in the back of a lorry at Calais. They’re both sneaky and I don’t like either of them!

“I tell you now; we would not be having this issue if Donald Trump was British.”

Britain First has also criticised calls for a points-based migration system, with leader Paul Golding telling reporters, “How am I supposed to look down on foreigners if the only ones we allow in are far better educated, and more valuable to the country, than I am?

“Keep ’em out!”

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