Roger Stone only broke the laws I don’t care about, insists Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump has commuted the 40-month prison sentence of former advisor Roger Stone, insisting he was only guilty of crimes that don’t really matter like obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

Trump announced the commutation, which guaranteed Stone doesn’t spend a single day behind bars despite his multiple criminal convictions and 40-month sentence, explaining that most people don’t care about things like witness tampering.

“This was a desperate hoax by the left to trick people into thinking that trying to influence witnesses and telling lies under oath is a bad thing.

“Everyone knows that telling a few white lies just because you’ve sworn on a bible is perfectly OK.  Sometimes telling the truth can get you into trouble, so what are you supposed to do?

“As for witness tampering, it makes a mockery of the American justice system that you can’t simply threaten someone who would contradict your sworn testimony to congress.

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“I ask again, what are you going to do? Let them testify and demonstrate that you lied under oath? Of course you’re going to threaten them and try to stop them.

“Only the delusional liberal left can’t see that what Roger Stone did was perfectly sensible given the situation the left had put him in.

“You should also read nothing at all into the fact that Roger Stone issued some veiled threats about testifying against me if I didn’t commute his sentence.

“I definitely would have commuted it anyway.”

Meanwhile, casual observers around the world have been left wondering just how corrupt the White House has to become before voters begin to think Donald Trump might not be the best person to lead the country.

Political analyst Simon Williams told us, “Right-wing commentators, normally on the side of law and order, are bending over backwards to show why Trump letting his convicted criminal mate out of prison is the right thing to do.

“Trump joked on the campaign trail that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters, and I’m beginning to think he was absolutely right.”

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