Brexiter having public meltdown over inconvenience of wearing a mask to the supermarket confident he will cope perfectly with ‘No Deal Brexit’

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A Brexiter who has spent three days furiously telling people how awful it is to have to wear a mask to the supermarket is confident the inconvenience of a no-deal Brexit is nothing to worry about.

Simon Williams, a fork-lift drive a staunch believer in Brexit insisted having to wear a mask to do the shopping risks the very food on his family’s table.

“It’s like living in communist China. Making people wear a mask is literally the worst possible thing that can happen when you’re trying to do your shopping.

“It’s so inconvenient.  You have to put it around your ears, then fiddle with it a bit to get it comfortable. God help you if you wear glasses as they will keep steaming up.  The people making these rules clearly just want to ruin our lives completely.

However, Williams is also of the opinion that any inconvenience caused by disruption to transport, food supply chains or medical supplies cause by a no-deal Brexit will be easy to deal with, because of the ‘Blitz spirit’.

“If we can cope with Johnny Foreigner dropping bombs on us, then we can cope with a few supply issues a few empty shelves. With the great stiff upper lip we can handle anything.

“Obviously I’ve not experienced either, because I was born thirty years after the war ended and my entire adult life has been spend in the EU, but I know I’ll be able to cope because of how well I’m dealing with the minor inconvenience of having to wear a mask in the supermarket.

“Checkmate liberals!”

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