Friday 10 July 2020 by Pete Redfern

Kanye West told not to bother running for President as Trump never hands property keys to black people

Trump won't give keys to Kanye

US rapper Kanye West has been told that he’s wasting his time trying to enter the White House, mainly because the present incumbent has a proven history of not giving properties to black families.

After announcing his intention to run for President earlier this week, which, it being 2020, no-one is sure is a joke, or merely society’s next logical step into oblivion, Kanye West has been disappointed to learn that even if he won the vote, he wouldn’t physically be able to get in.

Chuck Williams, one of the FBI agents who investigated Donald Trump’s rental practices in New York in the 1970’s told us, “In October 1973, the Civil Rights Division filed a lawsuit against Trump Management Company – run by Donald Trump and his equally bigoted father Fred Trump, alleging that African-Americans and Puerto Ricans were systematically excluded from apartments.

“The Trumps responded in typical fashion by countersuing to the value of $100m, and making threats, so you can see that even from a young age, Donald Trump has always behaved in a professional, totally above board, non-gangster-like way.”

He continued, “When racism is this engrained, it’s hard to shake off, especially now that Trump is old and clearly having emotional and cognitive struggles, so Kanye West – even though he’s a friend of Trump – has more chance of becoming a professional still life photographer, than he has of becoming a resident of the White House.”

Kanye West today responded, “Imma get right in there, you’ll see, yeh. Kim and I are rich so will buy our way in, if necessary.

“Just like Trump did.”

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