Flabby coronavirus looking forward to getting back to the gym

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The coronavirus has declared its support for Government plans to continue easing lockdown and is looking forward to getting back to the gym.

“Fantastic news,” said the viral sensation after the latest announcement.

“I’ve been putting on a bit of weight recently and actually starting to get quite unhealthy, so being able to get back to the gym is really going to get me right back to full-strength again.”

During the lock-down, the coronavirus, like many of us, had started to lead a sedentary lifestyle and was becoming unhealthy.

“Spending all that time at home, just doing nothing, it’s not good for me. I need to be active and interacting with people, so opening gyms is going to be terrific news for me.”

The coronavirus has been broadly supportive of all Government plans to ease the lockdown so far.

It went on, “I’m what I guess you might call a ‘sociable virus’, I like to spend time with large groups of people – that’s where I’m at my happiest.

“When the pubs opened last week, that really lifted my spirits a bit and allowed me to go out and mingle, and now I can get back to the gym as well? This is fantastic news.

“I’m just really looking forward to getting back to what life was like in February and March.”

The coronavirus pledged to continue its support for the Government.

It concluded, “Absolutely, as long as they keep on trying to get things back to normal for me, they’ll have my full support.”