Blackburn and Leicester fans gutted that Liverpool have matched their number of Premier League titles

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Both Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City fans are said to be very disappointed that Liverpool have finally caught up with their number of Premier League titles: a single, solitary one.

Blackburn fan, Simon Williams, said, “Honestly, I am fucking gutted, mate.

“I felt that we – along with Leicester – could easily hold on to joint 5th position for the overall number of Premier League triumphs, but only 25 years after we first did it, Liverpool have managed to equal it.

Leicester City supporter, Eleanor Gay, said, “I thought we would be the only other one-off winners of the EPL when we did it as rank outsiders five years ago.

“But well done, Liverpool. It’s really hard for the next few years though, with the consistent failure to live up to it again and again. And again. And again. Finally, five years later, we’re doing alright again. Obviously, not champions material yet, but up there, and looking up.”

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Liverpool fan, Christopher James, said, “This is fucking A! I don’t care if we never win it again ever anyway!

“Obviously, I would like to immediately retract that statement.

“I will go back to moaning about everything being crap if we don’t win every single game at least 5-0 next season and calling for Jurgen Klopp’s head!”