All episodes of ‘Coronavirus Daily Update’ to be available to binge-watch on BBC iPlayer during inevitable second peak

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The government has confirmed today that all episodes of the ‘Coronavirus Daily Update’ will remain available on the BBC iPlayer for at least 90 days to be repeated accordingly at 5pm during the second major peak of the virus.

With the news yesterday of a major easing in lockdown restrictions, MP’s have been quick to point out that despite the daily updates now being scrapped, almost all of the advice and restrictions can, and no doubt will, be reused.

It is expected the format will be handy ‘repeat’ episodes being shown each evening in order to save senior ministers having to attend and explain themselves all over again.

A spokesperson for the government informed us “We have kept all of the advice and information ready to use in the second peak at the push of a button.

“The updates will be split into 6 different ‘seasons’ covering each stage of the crisis which we are very likely to have to face again.

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“Each season, which will tend to focus on one particular area of incompetence will then be split into approximately 12 episodes.

“All you will need to do is assess which stage of the mess we are once again in and select the corresponding update at 5pm.

Asked if he thinks it might be a better idea to give some different advice next time around we were told: “Well we’ve got them all saved now, with titles and everything, so it’s probably best just to leave it.”

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