Outrage as satire site dares to mock racists more than anti-racists

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A satirical website has prompted a small-willied outcry from one or two people.

NewsThump has recently run several articles suggesting that racist protesters are stupid while running comparatively few articles to suggest that people who protest against racism are equally stupid.

“It’s a disc race, and our disc is losing,” confirmed racist, Hayley Rice.

“I think if you’re going to mock people who go to London with sacks of alcohol specifically to shout down people who are fighting for civil rights, then you should definitely mock the people fighting for civil rights to an equal degree.

“Because they’re definitely the same and they have the same noble intentions. It’s obvious to me.”

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NewsThump mascot, Simon Williams, said, “First off, we are not the BBC and we don’t owe you what you mistakenly believe to be ‘balance’.

“Secondly, of course racists are funnier than anti-racists. A group of pissed-up people who have travelled to London under the pretence of protecting inanimate statues from a protest that was already cancelled, and then starting fights with living, breathing police officers deserves every drop of mockery we have.

“They went there out of ‘pride in our fallen soldiers’ and then they yell racist slogans that would better endear them to Hitler.

“That is inherently funny. People marching for civil rights in a generally peaceful manner? Less so.”

“Racism is stupid. Being anti-racist is not. Hope that clears it up for you!”

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